Grand Theft Auto 4 complete Pigeon location guide

Find and obliterate every winged rat with our maps and videos


Watch the video below to see flying rats 049-071 get blasted.

049 - On the tip of the rocks

050 - Under the bridge (you’ll need a boat, or a sniper rifle on the Dukes coastline)

051 - On top of the lamp post on the corner

052 - In the ship’s cabin window

053 - On top of the building next to Alpha Couriers

054 - On top of the 'Welcome to Northern Gardens' sign

055 - On top of the signal box building

056 - Down the street with the broken pavement, on top of the wall

057 - Under the pier

058 - On the overhang over the wall

059 - On top of the gate to number 1665

060 - On top of the concrete block on the beach

061 - Down the alleyway on top of the fence

062 - Inside the wooden area under the station

063 - On the railing of the stairs at the end of the alley

064 - On the wall near the trash pile under the bridge

065 - Inside the concrete tube at the edge of the construction site

066 - On the tip of the furthest rock

067 & 068 - On top of the stone work opposite the Jose graffiti

069 & 070 - On the top corner of the cleaners building

071 - Halfway down the alley

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