We last saw Gravity Rush (aka Gravity Daze) as part of the shock-and-awe announcement blitz for Sony's PlayStation Vita. Since those initial glimpses, Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama has been working away on the title, which continues to look striking and potentially horribly confusing (in the best possible way). Here's a bunch of new screenshots, which expand the anime-esque fantasy world of the title.

Attentive viewers may suspect that the game's physics get more confusing the closer you look: note, for instance, that your character appears to be able to manipulate gravity for every part of her body except the hair. One suspects that this is the kind of game in which “it just looks cooler that way” is all the explanation provided – or required. Gravity Rush is designed to make extensive use of the Vita's gyroscope and touch panels, and will start doing this on a large scale when it's released in 2012.

Sep 21, 2011


PS Vita Sony

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  • KidKatana - September 22, 2011 1:43 a.m.

    Oh would they just please release this on the PSN? I can't afford a Vita but this looks like my kind of game.
  • Letter11 - September 21, 2011 9:09 p.m.

    The Vita is looking more and more promising with titles likes this on the way. I was sure I was going to get a 3DS eventually, but with this strange second analog stick business, and the inevitable redesign it requires I'm not so sure anymore.
  • 510BrotherPanda - September 21, 2011 3:53 p.m.

    Looks pretty neat so far. Pretty nice lighting going on for a launch game on a handheld...
  • soranamineforever - September 21, 2011 3:46 p.m.

    So far, this is the only game on the Vita that shouts "YOU'RE NOT GETTING THIS ANYWHERE ELSE!". I mean, Uncharted will undoubtedly be awesome because its Uncharted, but Uncharted 3 is coming out soon anyway. Same applies for LittleBigPlanet, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Street Fighter X Tekken. More games like this would help, though.
  • McSpermie - September 21, 2011 3:43 p.m.

    This game looks great, has an interesting style. Damn, so conflicted about getting a Vita... So many awesome games, but dat price, dat memory card...

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