Gorgeous wallpapers and more ring in Zelda's 25th anniversary

Nintendo officially acknowledges Link's birthday with fan service aplenty

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Just in case you%26rsquo;re not in the habit of rooting through Nintendo%26rsquo;s official site every day,they dropped a gross of Zelda loveover the weekend in celebration of Link%26rsquo;s 25th B-day. WARNING: This is awesome.

Above: PURDY!

If all that ultra high-res art weren%26rsquo;t enough to soothe the savage Zelda fan%26hellip; well, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! LOOK AT THIS!

Above: This and more await your desktop's background. CLICK HERE!

Anyhoo, also onNintendo%26rsquo;s site, there%26rsquo;sa brief, yet life-affirmingly thorough history of all of Link%26rsquo;s appearances%26hellip;

Above: All of these areclickableand interactive, appearing with a game screenshot and with a pic of the classic console on whicheach game originally appeared *drool*

As well as the full orchestral E3 performance, a tutorial on how to draw Link, and a20-second Zelda animation contestthat%26rsquo;ll apparently by judged by the series creators. So if you%26rsquo;ve got Flipnote Studios up and running, as well as the balls to submit your fan art to none other than Shigeru Miyamoto himself for review,get clicking on over there.

Above: Finally excuuuuused by the princess

Aug 8, 2011


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