Godzilla Unleashed - first look

Sell the house, Marge! When radioactive dinosaurs throw down, no real estate is safe

You can also charge up a breath or beam attack - which, in Godzilla's case, can be anything from a quick fireball to a full on beam of red-hot plasma, and aim it by hand with the remote if you're playing the Wii version. Should you and your target both choose the death breath and your beams cross, you'll find yourself literally playing tennis, batting a surge of energy back and forth along the beams until someone misses and gets a skullfull of face-erasing defeat.

Planned but not yet installed in the build we saw are a fierce attack that will give you direct control of a specific body part for a short time (think aiming Godzilla's tail with the remote and you'll get the idea), and grappling, a huge part of the previous games.


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