Godzilla Unleashed - first look

The Wii version's roster will also boast two new monsters, created just for the game. No clue what they'll look like, though we got some odd concept art for a Sphinx-looking monster being built for the DS version.

We're also waiting to see how the story mode develops. It starts with a meteor shower that devastates several US cities and causes skyscraper-sized crystals to sprout all over the eight in-game battlefields. These crystals will have some effect upon the monsters in battle, but we don’t yet know what.

We do know that each of the four factions will see different scenes and take unique paths through the game, and that the story branches. If you walk into a city being ravaged by a monster, you have a choice to repel it and save the city, or join up and double the demolition. Given the huge level of destructibility in the cities, your choice won't be easy. Especially if you're playing with a friend - though online plans have yet to be confirmed, same-system multiplayer modes plan to support two-to-four players (at least, on Wii). Knock down a wall to give yourself more room to swing those arms - you're going to need it come this fall.

Eric Bratcher
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