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  • Change Bot #

    In the Crave\GlobalOperations\GlobalOps\attributes folder, there is a file called "singleplayer". If any of the levels are giving you a really hard time, you can edit this text file.
    The file is in plain english and is where the number of bots is picked from. Most levels have 1 of each type of player: medic, commando etc. You will see a name of the character followed by a 1 or 0 (0 being "good guy" and 1 being "bad guy").
    In the first round of play, you are a good guy -- in the "next" round of play -- your a bad guy.
    Modify this file as desired and save. Always make a backup before overwriting the file.
    Submitted by K' Maximum
  • Lots A Cash

    OK, to get lots of cash this is what you have to do. (this cheat only work on tunnel, north Africa and Canada with the good guys, and Peru, Uganda, Canada, Columbia and Chechnya with the bad guys.)
    Select the heavy gunner, select heavy armor, then get as much as you can (try and get to 0 cash.), then kill the VIP or hostages you are trying to protect, hold or escort.Then after the mission has restarted, sell everything except the armor.
    Repeat until satisfied.
    Submitted by Tominator

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