Gary Busey joins cast of Piranha 3DD

Gary Busey has been cast in an unknown role in the upcoming Piranha 3DD .

When the cast for the hastily-arranged sequel was first announced, it was met with a universal shrug.

Without some of the better actors from the first film, including Richard Dreyfuss, Ving Rhames, Elisabeth Shue, and Christopher Lloyd (i.e. the main top-billed cast), the sequel is starting to feel more and more like a cash-in.

The addition of Busey should at least bring a bit more fun, and is in keeping with the film’s ridiculous title.

The sequel is being directed by John Gulager ( Feast ) and stars Danielle Panabaker ( The Crazies ), Matt Bush ( Adventureland ), Chris Zylka ( The Amazing Spider-Man ), and David Koechner ( Anchorman ).

Piranha 3DD is released 23 November 2011.