Fallout: New Vegas player "kept dying of radiation exposure" researching to build this incredible recreation in Far Cry 5

Fallout New Vegas
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These days, Fallout: New Vegas might just be the most beloved entry in the entire series, but it's also getting a bit rough to look at after all these years. I would strongly recommend against holding your breath for a proper remake, but one fan has given us the next best thing - and oddly enough, it's a Far Cry 5 map.

It's easy to forget that Far Cry 5 had a robust map editor, but it allowed for astounding, modernized recreations of classic video game locations like Ocarina of Time's Forest Temple, as well as mesmerizing reimaginings of iconic locations from settings as diverse as Friends and The Lion King. The creator behind those maps, Mojo Swoptops, has recently been digging back into Fallout: New Vegas, which has served as the inspiration for a whole new line of maps. 

Most recently, Mojo Swoptops has remade Searchlight from New Vegas, and if you told me this was an official remake of the classic RPG I'd probably believe you. "To get reference for this recreation I had to find the town and then walk around it," Mojo Swoptops explains on Reddit. "Sounds simple enough but I kept dying of radiation exposure! If it wasn't that it was zombies chasing me and I wasn't strong enough to defend myself! It was like a game within a game within a game just making this scene."

While the Fallout TV show has been sending people back to the games in droves over the past few weeks, Mojo Swoptops' efforts to recreate the game go back over a year. There's a lot of impressive material on that YouTube channel, and if you want to dream of what a more modern Fallout might look like, there's plenty of imagination fuel here.

Seizing upon Fallout's popularity, New Vegas veterans are luring unsuspecting newcomers to the RPG's most infamous location.

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