Someone made the Ocarina of Time Forest Temple entrance in Far Cry 5

Let's face it, map editors were made to let gamers recreate locations from other games. It's fascinating to see a familiar location adapted to a different art style, especially when it's newer and more detailed than before. Such is the case with this incredibly accurate recreation of the Forest Temple entrance from Zelda: Ocarina of time in Far Cry 5, lovingly built by YouTuber Mojo Swoptops. Bravo, Mojo.

The creator posted a screengrab of the build and a link to a making-of video to Reddit, prompting hundreds of adoring comments. And indeed, the attention to detail is extraordinary. Everything from the two large trees to either side to the overgrown foliage wrapped and draped around the entrance is exactly where it should be. Even the filter and weather effects are precisely tailored to evoke the dreamy atmosphere around the temple.

"I loved the entire Ocarina of Time experience, so this was a real labour of love. It only took an hour to make, and part of me wishes it took longer so I could continue the fun," the builder says.

Considering the positive reaction from the community, Mojo says they're thinking of fleshing out the build to include the interior of the Forest Temple. It wouldn't be anything new for the prolific creator, as their portfolio already includes complete replicas of the Temple of Time and Kakariko Village. And since it doesn't sound like it's a chore to do, here's hoping we get a tour of the interior some time in the near future. 

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Jordan Gerblick

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