Force Unleashed II: New screens and Collector's Edition details

More expensive pack will include exclusive challenges, lightsaber crystal, player skin and USB Jedi. Worth it?

Another week, another bonanza ofimages and information on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Last Friday, we showed you the sequel'sfirst 10 screens, as well as a rather epic and poster-worthypiece of artwork. Today, we've got four additional shots - full of dual lightsabers, Force pushing and Jedi vsWalker deathmatches - plus extensive details on what will be included in the game's Collector Edition.

First, the new screens:

And, courtesy of our sister siteCVG, we also have complete details on what you'll snag if you choose to purchase the The Force Unleashed II Collector's Edition on October 26:

What do you think? Worth the extra money?

Above: The adorably angry Flash Drive

Above: The exclusive "Deak Starkiller" player skin. Why the weird name and weirder outfit?As always, a wiki hasthe answer

Jun 9, 2010