First trailer for Pandora’s Tower

Upcoming Wii title to be an action RPG

Nintendo has finally broken radio silence regarding Pandora’s Tower. Until recently, details on the upcoming Wii game were limited to a teaser site featuring an image of a young woman with a tattooed back, which launched after the existence of the game was first revealed in a Nintendo financial report.

Fortunately, we know a lot more about the mysterious title thanks to a recently released trailer and a preview in this week’s issue of Famitsu. The trailer reveals that Pandora’s Tower is a character action game in the vein of God of War, though Nintendo calls it an action RPG, and splices footage of a young grey-haired woman crying with action shots. It also reveals that the game is nearly done and will go on sale in Japan on May 26 for 6,800¥ (about $75), which is what most hardcore titles cost.


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