First clip from Sherlock Xmas special

The first official clip has appeared online for the Sherlock Christmas special, and it's magical enough to get us in the festive spirit in the middle of July.

The new clip shows Holmes and a moustachioed Watson returning to Baker Street unannounced, much to the chagrin of a flustered Mrs. Hughes. "I hardly knew myself," replies Holmes. "That's the problem with dismembered country squires… they're notoriously hard to schedule."

Check it out below…

Much as we love the modern setting of the main series, it's great to see Cumberbatch and Freeman in a period setting, while the script looks to be as razor sharp as ever. Better still, Steven Moffat also mentioned that the special will also be getting a limited theatrical release, giving us the chance to catch Baker Street's finest on the big screen.

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