Explore Akihabara on your PSP with Akiba’s Trip

Akihabara is a Mecca for the modern otaku. The Tokyo neighborhood is famous for its proliferation of anime and videogame stores. It’s also the setting for Akiba’s Trip, a new PSP title from Way of the Samurai developer Acquire.

‘Akiba’ is a common nickname for the bustling shopping district, and it looks like Akiba’s Trip will accurately portray the real Akihabara, right down to street layouts. As with the Yakuza series, a familiarity with the real-life inspiration for the game's setting will help you out. The characters in the game seem to be the kinds of people you'd see in the real life Akiba including the cosplaying maids on the street handing out flyers for 'maid cafes.'

Above: Checking for vampires...

Your character in the game will fight a group of vampires called Kageyashi. While exploring the area, you'll have a lever of freedom similar to that found in the Way of the Samurai games.

The name of the game originally caused confusion as most Japanese sites simply listed the game phonetically in Japanese or in English without punctuation (Akibastrip.) Is it Akiba Strip or Akiba’s Trip? Famitsu settled that issue with a post on the game today.

A free roaming action-adventure game set in one of our favorite Tokyo neighborhoods? Let's hope if gets a western release soon.

Jan 20, 2011

Source: Famitsu

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