Shadow of the Eternals is a successor to Eternal Darkness

The crowdfunding campaign for Shadow of the Eternals, the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, has gone live. Before we go into more details on the episodic horror series for PC and Wii U, a public service announcement:

First: this campaign isn't a Kickstarter, and it has "flexible funding." That means whether or not Shadow of the Eternals reaches its $1.5 million goal, developer Precursor Games will retain all its pledges to work on the project.

Second: Precursor is composed of ex-Silicon Knights developers, and its chief creative officer is Silicon Knights founder Denis Dyack. According to a harrowing Kotaku report from October, mismanagement was rampant at the seemingly derelict studio.

Now back to the fun stuff: Shadow of the Eternals will follow in Eternal Darkness' time-and-globe trotting footsteps. The first episode stars a detective attempting to piece together a bizarre cult rivalry in the modern day, and a handmaiden to infamous blood-bathing serial killer Countess Elizabeth Báthory in 1610 AD.

Their stories tie together in the occult, cryptic manner you'd expect, along with those of the 11 other episodes planned for Shadow of the Eternals' first season. Players will navigate mundane and nightmarish environments as combat, puzzles, and other sanity-draining events push their characters into madness--all rendered in CryEngine 3.

Yes, there are sanity effects. And yes, funders who join the game's "Order of the Unseen" community can pitch ideas for the notorious mindf#&@s--Eternal Darkness' included a fake save-game corruption message and characters exploding for no good reason--among other content.

Shadow of the Eternals' crowdfunding campaign stands at about $30,000 of its $1.5 million goal as of this writing, with pledges set to wrap up on June 6. You can check out the pilot episode (expected to release in the third quarter of 2014) for a pledge of $5, or pre-order the whole season for $50.

Check out IGN's nine minutes of gameplay below to see what unearthly stuff you may be getting yourself into.


  • Shinn - May 6, 2013 9:35 p.m.

    A 1.5 million dollar episodic project that keeps or money if it doesn't deliver? My common sense is tingling...
  • StefanGrey - May 6, 2013 5:36 p.m.

    There's a part of me that wants to believe so badly in this project. I bought a gamecube shortly before I got my own place (we already had a PS2, it belong to my brother and I), and Eternal Darkness was one of the few games I could lord over my PS2 owning friends. But I read the Kotaku report, I saw everything that happened with Dyack's other projects. Heck, I donated $60 bucks to his team when I bought the unfinished PoS Too Human and spent $1.50 at redbox to see how bad his X-Men game was (answer: really, really bad).
  • RedHarlow - May 6, 2013 5:29 p.m.

    I like how they completely ripped off the Kickstarter website design.
  • Ironarm - May 6, 2013 5:24 p.m.

    No way am I trusting my money to this if Denis Dyack is involved with it. I'm waiting until this is released to even consider buying it.
  • BladedFalcon - May 6, 2013 1:32 p.m.

    Yeah... I'll pass, not a chance in hell I'm trusting a single penny to anything related to a scammer like Denis Dyack.
  • Letter11 - May 6, 2013 2:02 p.m.

    Heh yeah, his reputation is really not the best. I loved Eternal Darkness, but since Dennis Dyack hasn't proven that a studio can make even a passable game under his watch. It's so funny how the IGN interviewer selectively mentions some of his older, better received work, and not his recent abominations. And Crytek engine huh? Why not Unreal? Oh, wait right, that whole lawsuit and everything... All that being said though, the demo looked promising. I won't be contributing to the crowd funding, but if the game turns out well I'll certainly check it out.
  • BladedFalcon - May 6, 2013 3:54 p.m.

    I guess I'm on the same bout. Though out of all high profile crowdfunded or kicksstarter games out there, this is the one I smell has the highest probabilities of turning out to be crap. That's right, I have much more faith in small, first time inexperience devs pulling trough with their promised games than in a studio composed with experienced veterans in the Industry. That's how bad SK has screwed the pooch in the last decade.
  • Letter11 - May 6, 2013 4:23 p.m.

    Seconded. Passion, can at times trump experience. Especially when the gentleman in question is concerned. Oh and may I say BladedFalcon, you are a true pillar of the GR community. I always enjoy reading your comments.
  • BladedFalcon - May 6, 2013 4:34 p.m.

    Heh, thanks for the compliment! Pretty sure a lot of folks here don't see it the same way you do. But it's nice to see that not everyone hates me, or pegs me as a fanboy even though I try to be anything but XD Sometimes though, I could afford to take a page from you though, since you always say what you mean but manage not to piss half the people that I tend to :P
  • alex-roy-bristol - May 6, 2013 6:41 p.m.

    And I second the comment about BladedFalcon being awesome! I too always enjoy reading your comments and seeing what you have to say. (And also have JUST NOW noticed that your name is Blade'D'Falcon, with a 2nd D... :O )
  • BladedFalcon - May 6, 2013 7:10 p.m.

    D'aw! thanks! And wait, what? what about my name and the second D? ._.
  • alex-roy-bristol - May 7, 2013 12:09 p.m.

    I always read it as BladeFalcon, not BladedFalcon... :O
  • BladedFalcon - May 7, 2013 12:17 p.m.

    Ohhhhh! gotcha XD Yeah, it's a nickname I created back in my highschool years. (Almost ten years ago... wooo I'm getting old!) Back when I was obsessed with Metal Gear Solid and so I crafted my own name based on the style of naming that MGS bosses used XD
  • alex-roy-bristol - May 7, 2013 2:11 p.m.

    That's pretty sick actually, a great origin for a nick-name! ;P
  • shawksta - May 6, 2013 1:28 p.m.

    PC and especially Wii U? NICE We'll have to wait and see if it does or doesn't go well with Dyack but with Ex silicon knights developers, it sounds promising. Again, NICE, they can really do some great insanity,madness tricks with the Wii U gamepad
  • JMarsella09 - May 6, 2013 1:23 p.m.

    I hope they can make this work. Eternal Darkness was one of my favorite Gamecube games.

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