Epic shows PS3, 360 power

Gears of War, UT2007 already up and running

Journalists and developers expected to see the latest tricks of the Unreal Engine at Epic Games' private demo at the Game Developers Conference this week - but they didn't necessarily expect to see bothGears of Warand Unreal Tournament 2007 running on next-gen development hardware.

While the bulk of the presentation was a fancy (and compelling) sales pitch for why game creators should use the powerful Unreal Engine 3.0 development suite, Epic kicked it off with a two-minute interactive segment of Gears of War. Referred to simply as "Factory Approach," the game's hero Marcus Fenix crept around during a nighttime thunderstorm, offing shrieking creatures with an array of weapons, including a mighty shotgun. The smoke trails and lightning strikes were clearly the stars - it was, after all, a tech demo to show the engine's power.