Enslaved: Odyssey to the West ordering more 3D and Pigsy for DLC

Pigsy gets a whole new dimension in upcoming content

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Enslaved fans are about to get an eyeful as developerNinja Theoryprepares DLC that will see 3D functionality and a whole new romantic side-quest for Pigsy added to the post-apocalyptic adventure.

Entitled %26lsquo;Pigsy%26rsquo;s Perfect 10%26rsquo;, the DLC will task gamers with scouring the Titan Graveyard as the portly, wise-crackin%26rsquo; character in search of scrap parts to construct his %26lsquo;perfect woman.' In keeping with his character, Pigsy%26rsquo;s gameplay will lean heavily on stealth and sharp-shooting with a heaping dose of toilet humor, hookshots and explosives thrown in for good measure.

In addition to spotlighting one of the game%26rsquo;s most memorable inhabitants, Ninja Theory's upcoming DLC will also add a TriOviz technology update, allowing gamers to experience both the DLC and original game in glorious, eye-straining 3D. Those without fancy television sets can still get in on the 3D fun by purchasing special glasses from the TriOviz site.

Pigsy%26rsquo;s Perfect 10 will be available for download on PSN and XBLA later this year for $9.99 and 800 MSP, respectively.

Nov 1, 2010

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