Driv3r holds on to pole position

Top 20: Selling more copies than the rest of the top 5 combined, Tanner does the biz

Official ELSPA Top 20 Software Chart (all prices) - week ending 3 July

1 (1)
(PS2, Xbox)
2 (2)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, GBA)
3 (5)
(PS2, Xbox, PC)
4 (3)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, GBA)
5 (4)
(PS2, Xbox, PC)
6 (6)
7 (7)
8 (NE)
9 (9)
(PS2, PC)
10 (8)
(PS2, Xbox)
11 (12)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, GBA)
12 (11)
13 (10)
(PS2, Xbox, PC)
14 (RE)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube)
15 (14)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, GBA, PSone, NGage)
16 (NE)
(PS2, Xbox, PC)
17 (13)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube)
18 (NE)
(PS2, Xbox)
19 (15)
(PS2, PC)
20 (RE)
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC)

Driv3r, as predicted, continues to dominate the charts this week, outselling the next four titles combined. Meanwhile, such is the dominance of driving/sports games in general, that 40% of the top 40 is made up of those genres.

The only new entry that makes an impact is Athens 2004, managing a very respectable number eight. And that's about the only change of note in the top 10 this week, with the most titles holding their position from last week.

Showdown: Legends of Wrestling is the only other new entry from this week's releases, charting at 18, in a week that saw very few new titles. Soul Calibur II stands out as the main re-entry, thanks to retail promotions, battling its way back up to 14. We don't expect to see dramatic changes in the charts over the next few weeks, as the next big release period is now September. There are a few promising titles coming soon - such as Spider-Man 2 - but, in the main, budget releases are the major promotions across most formats.

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