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Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi Cheats

  • Master Skills

    Unlock all characters, then start Ultimate Battle mode on the Normal difficulty setting. Select "Practice", then defeat ten consecutive characters. This will unlock the Dragon Power Purple Potara. Defeat twenty consecutive characters to unlock the Miracle Purple Potara. Fuse the Miracle and Dragon Power Purple Potaras to get Master Skills.
    Submitted by None
  • Wishes

    Get all seven Dragonballs in Battle Gate mode to make a wish. You will be able to wish for Password mode and Story "True World Tournament".
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  • Defeating the Oozaru

    In the first Oozaru mission (Saiyan Saga), you are supposed to survive. However, if desired you can actually win. Rush toward it, then press Attack(3), X to stun it momentarily. Repeat this as needed. You will not only survive, but will defeat the Oozaru.
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Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi Glitches

  • SS4 Goku Glitch

    When you unlock Super saiyan 4 Goku, Don't use him too much or he will speak Japanese (without going to options to change language) after he wins in dueling.
    Submitted by Shhh.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi Hints

  • Easy Way to Survive Under a Time Limit

    If you cant survive in the time limit than (doesnt work on the big apes) run to your opponent and charge hit him than run to him and hit him 4 times than tap triangle and continuosly do that untill time runs out.
    Submitted by Pillsburydoughboy123
  • Cheap KO's

    Entry location: Just about anywhere except story-mode battles that tell you to survive or defeat with a specific attack
    As soon as the battle starts use the Kamahama wave, but if your not Goku don't sweat it, use some other attack like it. So when they're down charge for the next one. When they start to get up blast'em again, don't forget to feel high and mighty about kick'n'em while they're down. Next step: Repeat, always repeat.
    Submitted by Lord Zane the 1st
  • Dragon Ball Wishes

    Get all of the dragon balls to wish for:
    1. "The True World Tournament"
    2. Kid Goku
    3. Master Roshi
    4. General Tao
    5. Great Ape
    6. Great Ape (Vegeta)
    7. Passwords
    Submitted by cyber hawk
  • Easy 7 Dragon Balls

    First go to any stage where you can get a dragon ball i find it easier to go to the sayan saga and pick any stage where you train as krillin or tien etc on kamis lookout and just play that stage over and over again collecting the dragon balls and you will have all seven in no time and the good thing is after you collect all seven you can do it all over again
    Submitted by some guy
  • Easy Dragon Balls

    To get all the dragon balls, go to the battle gate and then go to Sayian Saga: Yamcha vs. Krilin and complete it over and over agian. Do this, and you could get all the wishes!
    Submitted by cyber hawk
  • Infinite Dragon Balls

    Entry location: Sayian Saga (battle between Tien & Chiaotzu at Kami's lookout)
    In the Sayian Saga there is a battle between Tien (you) & Chiaotzu (com). While you are battling him hit 'em away from you and power dash (hold L1+X) in the direction of the large tower (the pink and yellow one) and a orange dot will appear that means a Dragon Ball is near. Follow the orange dot and you'll find a Dragon Ball you can do this as many times as you want to.

    Submitted by Alika Miguel From Waianae(96792)
  • Quit Ultimate Battle w/o Losing Points

    If you're losing a match in Ultimate Battle, press start and select "Return to Main Menu." You won't lose any points this way.
    Submitted by None
  • Complete Ultimate Battle

    To complete Ultimate Battle, collect all 7 Dragon Balls and wish for Great Ape/Great Ape(Vegta). Then go on to Ultimate Battle and select either of them. You'll be done in days!
    Submitted by Gogeta S.S. 4
  • Stages

    Earth waste land
    Earth rocky area
    Planet Namek
    World tournament stage
    City (ruins)
    Mountain road
    Cell Games arena
    Kami's Lookout
    Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    Supreme Kai's World
    Submitted by None

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