Destiny secrets and Easter eggs revealed


Developer Bungie has a long history of sneaking secrets into their games, and their latest project Destiny has continued this tradition. In fact, their contract with Activision even stipulated that Bungie had to provide them with a list of Easter eggs they'd included, presumably to check they hadn't slipped anything too naughty in there.

We've been scouring the planets in search of hidden details, and listed our findings over the following pages. Hopefully you'll find some new information in here, to enhance your enjoyment of Destiny's world(s)!

Getting in early

Amazingly, the first Destiny Easter egg actually appeared in Halo 3: ODST, way back in 2009. An advertising board with the seemingly innocuous title "Destiny Awaits" could be found in that game, complete with a shot of the Earth... but wait, is that the Traveler hovering over it?

Bungie had suggested for some time that there was still a final secret to be discovered in Halo 3: ODST, and when eagle-eyed players noted this display after the first Destiny details were announced, series digital artist Vic Deleon confirmed it by tweeting ITS FINALLY BEEN FOUND!

Starting on the right foot

In the game itself, the first Easter egg appears during the opening cinematic sequence, as a group of astronauts land on Mars and begin exploring the planet. Look closely at the spaceman's boot as they descend from their craft, and you'll notice what looks like the Destiny logo embedded in the tread. This can also be seen in the dusty footprint they leave behind as they set off across the planet's surface towards the Traveler.

Sitting on the dock of the bay

On your visits to the Tower you'll no doubt have noticed various ships buzzing around the place, and probably dismissed them as little more than background furniture. However, rather than just being randomly generated to make things look busy, these are the actual transport belonging to the guardians currently visiting this location.

To confirm this, as soon as you warp into the Tower Plaza, turn right and sprint into the Tower Hangar. Get inside quickly enough and you'll spot your ship being flown in and docked, before it gets lowered into the subterranean parking lot.

A load of balls

A giant football first appeared in Halo 2, and made several appearances in subsequent games in the series. As a possible homage to this a football can be found in the Tower Plaza, which normally spawns on the left hand side under the stairs. By running or sliding into it you can kick it around, and perhaps get a little game going with your fellow guardians.

Also in the Tower Plaza is a large purple ball, which is much more lightweight and floaty than the football. This normally appears on top of the crates next to Bounty Tracker Xander 99-40, although it can also be found on the table by the Cryptarchs tent. Knock it into the air, then see how long you can keep it up for... or, like me, spend an age trying to balance on top of it before some sod immediately kicks it away. Cheers, mate.

Out of your tree

The trees in the Tower Plaza may help to brighten the place up, but the one near Gunsmith Banshee-44 can also be scaled to take in the view over the whole area. A few carefully placed jumps will get you most of the way up the trunk, then a final sprint jump will launch you into the branches. Have a little boogie up here and lord it over the guardians collecting their bounties below.

Destiny's biggest fan

Here's a secret feature of the Tower Plaza that requires at least two people to experience. On top of the Postmaster's building is a large fan, and this rooftop can be accessed by sprint jumping from the nearby steps.

Once you're on top of the fan, you need a second player to head up the steps at the side of the Plaza and onto the balcony overlooking the area. At the far end there are some panels on the floor, which provide an Activate Fan prompt when stood on - hold down the button here and anyone stood on the fan will be launched high into the air. Get the timing right, and combined with a jump you can reach the top of the flagpoles or even the pillars above the Vault terminals.

Halo, is it me you're looking for?

While exploring the final planet Mars, fans of the Halo series may spot a building which bears more than a passing resemblance to a familiar character. This can be found in the Trenchworks area of the map used in several missions, though it can also be accessed during the Mars Patrol - head straight forwards from the start and follow the valley to the Scablands, go straight across it and through the next valley to Giants Pass and the Valley of the Kings, then down the tunnel at the far end until you reach the Trenchworks.

Here you'll find this building, which thanks to its glowing golden window and central green banner looks an awful lot like the Master Chief himself. Purely coincidental, I'm sure...

Armoured core

Destiny's developers have obviously been using their lunchtimes to play other games, and you can find a number of references to what's been on the office machines hidden away in some of the armour descriptions. The first is a piece of Exotic chest armour called Heart of the Praxic Fire, which comes with the description, "In that last moment she seemed as wholly luminescent as the Sun, and I wished to be so brave". Dark Souls players should pick up on the nod to the cheerful and powerful Knight Solaire of Astora who can be summoned to help players with many of the bosses in the game, but if they didn't then the "Praise the Sun" perk carried by the armour should hammer home the reference.

And if you're really looking to complete the Dark Souls look, try equipping the Ghost Angel Cloak for your Hunter. The tagline is, "We are an army of the chosen dead. So get out there and round up some more recruits. By shooting 'em in the head."

Orwell's that ends well

As we've already seen, Bungie loves to leave subtle nods to other games in their creations. But the studio doesn't stop there: books and TV shows have every chance of appearing in Bungies works. Head to the Cosmodrome on Earth, pick up some Patrol missions and you'll eventually come across one called Four Arms Good, Two Arms Better. Aside from the Vandals you fight in Old Russia having four arms, this is a knowing reference to Animal Farm (ask your parents) where the pigs eventually used the maxim, "Four legs good, two legs better!" as they became more human.

Showing that they can also riff off modern pop-culture, Bungie also included a Bounty called All in the Game. Which is eerily similar to the words Omar Little says in the final scene of the first season of HBOs The Wire, "It's all in the game, yo. All in the game." That on its own might not convince everyone, so consider this: the Bounty also has you killing Fallen enemies and pick up Wire Wraps. Not just a coincidence after all, then.