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Crash Bash Cheats

  • Unlock Spro Year Of The Dragons Demo

    To unlock the secret playable demo of Spro Year of the Dragon, at the Sce screen,Hold the R1 and L1 + the square button then press Start.
    Submitted by Maxwell
  • Level Skip

    You have to go to the battle mode screen and do what it says until you get to the level select screen . Keep Hold on R1 then press Triangle,L1,L2,L1,square,circle,circle,x thep press start and there will be a bell sound then quit battle mode then go on adventure and go to the save screen.And then it will always come on when you go on crash bash . If you dont you will have to keep re-entering it all the time
    Submitted by Steven Brumby
  • Infinite health

    For infinite health, pause during gameplay and press up, up, down, circle, square, L1, R2. You will hear a sound to confirm the correct code.
    Submitted by Unknown

Crash Bash Hints

  • Beat Bearminator

    To beat bearminator, when he shoots mechanical bears, right before they shoot a rocket move. Then just charge them of the side. Now a rocket will fall, charge it then fire it when the target is on his face. Do this three times to beat him.
    Submitted by Eric Cappello
  • Bosses access info (hint)

    For boss 1, you need all the trophies in the warp room

    For boss 2, you need all the trophies in the warp rooms, 5 gems* and 3 crystals*.

    For boss 3, you need all the trophies, 10 gems and 7 crystals.
    Submitted by SamMaycock

Crash Bash Unlockables

  • Secret Level

    Defeat The Master Boss and all the others etc.
    Submitted by Sex Pistol

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Available Platforms: PS1