____ _____ ____ ____ _____ ____ ____ | |___ | |____| |____ |____| |____| |____| |____ |____| |____ | \ | | ____| | | |____| | | ____| | | Created by: alberto331 E-mail: alberto_munoz_331@yahoo.com Version 1 Last update: 12/22/2000 Contents: *Introduction *The game *Options *Characters *Mini-games *Adventure walkthrough *Credits *Legal stuff ************************************************************************* Introduction ************************************************************************* Hi everyone!!! This is my very first FAQ (still working on South Park Rally PSX) so please enjoy it and I hope that this will help. First of all, I'm Mexican, I made this FAQ in English because I can earn extra point in English with this (yay!) so if you find some or a lot of words spelled wrong I ask you to be patient. If you see a mistake FROM THE GAME NOT GRAMMAR I will be glad if you let me know. ************************************************************************* The game ************************************************************************* I am a big fan of Crash's non-adventure games, specially this one, this game is like Mario Party N64 or that new party game of Sonic for Dreamcast, in these games the most important thing is those fun creative mini-games, the fact is that these are very simple and easy to play and that all of them are multi player games. The history is very simple, Aku Aku and Uka Uka are talking about all the fights that they had for the crystals and they agree that there's one way to solve thisÖ a contest where there's only one winner and this will decide once for all who gets the crystals. ************************************************************************* Options ************************************************************************* When you press X in the Crash Bash screen you will see 4 options: -Adventure: you'll have to beat this mode to unlock all the secret mini-games *1 or 2 players*. -Battle: you can practice mini-games or play with someone else *1 to 4 players*. -Tournament: you can play a tournament of a mini-game with 4 different arenas, the one who has the most number of trophies is the winner *1 to 4 players*. -Options: you can change the options of the game, such as the vibration of the controller or the sound. ************************************************************************* Characters ************************************************************************* G O O D G U Y S @Crash and Coco Bandicoot: our heroes. In crate crush they will be able to move while kicking crates but they will walk really slow while picking up a crate. Since they are small, they will be an easy target in polar push. In tank wars they will fire an orange thing that will move really slow, but it will bounce a lot before disappearing. B A D G U Y S @Cortex and Brio: in crate crush they will be able of walking fast while picking up a crate. In polar push they will be an easy target too and they will use all their power bar when they charge to other players. In tank wars they will fire a green thing that will go faster than the others. @Tiny and Koala Kong (Kong): in crate crush they wont be able to move while kicking a crate but they will throw it stronger that the others. This guys will be really strong in polar push. In tank wars they will fire a spiked ball. @Dingodile and Rilla Row: in crate crush they wont be able to move while kicking but they will spin. In polar push they will be strong too, In tank wars they will fire a yellow thing and they will be able of fire two of them!!!. ************************************************************************* Mini-games ************************************************************************* C R A T E C R U S H JUNGLE BASH In all the 4 arenas of crate crush you must destroy your opponents or having the most health when time runs out. You have to throw crates to your opponents (specially TNT crates) until you eliminate them, easy, right??? + move your character. 0 pick up the crates, press it again and you'll throw them. [] kick crates or kick your opponents. X jump GRAY CRATES throw or kick to other players. TNT CRATES counts down when touched, more powerful than gray crates. NITRO CRATES touch them and you will lose a lot of energy. WUMPA FRUIT increase health a little. SPACE BASH In this arena the explosive crates will destroy the floor, be careful. Now you'll have more items. SPEEDY BOOTS collect to move faster. BIG Z avoid this or you'll move in slow motion. AKU AKU MASK gives immunity against a hit. WEIGHT pass on to another player. SNOW BASH In the center of the arena there will be a penguin, if you hit it, it will start spinning all around the stage, watch out. Same items like the ones in space bash. DRAIN BASH No items like the ones in space bash. A new type of crate with weapons inside, no more nitro crates. [] press to fire weapon ??? CRATES break open to release special weapons. HOMONG ENERGY ORB -3 shots- EIGHT WAY MISSILE -2 shots- SONIC RING -1 shot- P O L A R P U S H POLAR PANIC In the 4 arenas of polar push the objective is to charge into other players to knock them off the ice. You can collect power ups by entering the beam and you win if you are the last player standing. In this arena you'll have an ice cubes protection, once you hit an ice cube, it will disappear. + move your character. [] charge into other players. [||||| ] cannot charge if meter is empty. When falling push to the arena and press [] repeatedly. WEIGHT pass to other players LIGHTNING collect from other players TILT PANIC From here on, no more ice protection. Be careful, the platform will move a lot and sometimes a walrus will jump into the platform so you can easily fall. MELT PANIC In this arena, instead of a normal beam you'll see Uka Uka, he will melt the platform, he can turn you into ice or a snowball, he can still make you big or small, he can give you weights but no more lightning. MANIC PANIC There are bombs in this arena that you can grab, fire those to other players and they will lose their bear, if a bomb hits someone that doesn't have a bear, he will disappear, by the way, you can't return to the platform without a bear. 0 throw bombs. BOMB collect them from the ice. P O G O P A N D E M O N I U M POGO PAINTER Move around the arena to turn squares into your color. Break the special crates to turn squares into points. Win by having the highest score when time runs out. + move to the next square to color it. [] fire missile. MISSILE stun other players. ARROWS color hole rows of squares. SPEEDY BOOTS collect them to move faster. !!!! REMEMBER !!! Break the special crates to turn your squares into points. POGO-A-GOGO There are no special crates anymore, to score you must encircle areas with your color. For example: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] The squares in the center also count as points, and the edges of the arena counts as squares of that color. There are arrows and speedy boots as well. FOUR WAY MISSILE stun other players. ELECTRO STUN BEAM stun other players. EL POGO LOCO Break special crates again, however, if you encircle an area the center will turn into your color. Avoid the TNT squares that Ripper Roo leaves, and almost at the end he will start shooting missiles, be careful. Sometimes, instead of TNT squares, Ripper Roo will leave four way arrows, so Grab them if you can. There are one way missiles and speedy boots. POGO PADLOCK Special crates again, don't land on a square of your color or you will lose all of your squares. There are speedy boots again. PADLOCK lock your squares. ONE WAY MISSILE stun your opponents and steal their squares. B A L L I S T I X CRASH BALL Use your ship to deflect the balls away from your goal. Win by being the last player standing. + move to deflect the balls with your ship. L1 R1 press and hold to increase your ship's speed. [] press to give the balls an extra kick. BEACH BALL Same as before, only that you will have another controller function. X press and hold to attract balls to your ship. X release to fire ball at your opponents. N. BALLISM No more X function, beware of N. Gin's attacks. FORCE FIELD collect them from your corner post. Use it to repel balls away from your goal. SKY BALLS Same as the first one. Beware of the failing engines. T A N K W A R S DESERT FOX Destroy all of your opponents tanks. Win by eliminating the opponents or having the most health when time runs out. + move your tank. [] fire main weapon. 0 press to drop mines. MINES collect extra mines. WUMPA FRUIT collect to increase your health. METAL FOX Some times the path will close. [] press to fire bomb. BOMB use them to attack from distance. JUNGLE FOX There in not going to be any protection except for the totem pole in the middle of the arena. No more bombs. [] press to fire missile. MISSILE collect to cause more damage. SWAMP FOX No more extra mines, bombs and missiles. Different controls. + rotate your tank to face the desired direction. R1 accelerate. X activate shield. 0 drop mines. C R A S H D A S H DOT DASH Finish as many of the set number of laps as possible. Win by being the first over the finish line or the players who is in the lead when time runs out. + rotate your ship to face the desired direction. R1 press to accelerate. [] press for speed boost. 0 press to fire missile. WUMPA FRUIT collect to gain extra fuel for speed boost. MISSILE collect and fire to other players. TOXIC DASH There are no more missiles. Watch out for the barrels and the sludge things. 0 press to generate force field. FORCE FIELD collect to push other players. DANTE'S DASH Still not unlocked. SPLASH DASH You will use sea creatures instead of ships, no missiles or force fields. Watch out for the pushing rods. X press to jump. M E D I E V A L M A Y H E M RING DING Burst your own balloons to score. Jump to burst balloons. Win by being the player with the highest score when time runs out. + move your character. [] press to attack other players. X press to jump. ??? CRATES collect power ups from inside. HOVER BOOTS these allow you to move freely in any direction. VACUUM CLEANER attract balloons towards you. BLACK BALLOON burst to affect the action: % bursts other players balloons. % changes the ring direction. % changes all balloon to your color. DRAGON DROP Score by hitting a target with a jewel. Win by being the player with the most score when time runs out. + move your character. [] press for slide attack. [] press to shoot jewel. [] press and hold to shoot further. Collect jewels to shoot at the target. MALLET MASH Destroy the mushrooms with your mallet to score points. The highest score wins. + move your character. [] hit mushrooms [] hold down to generate a shock wave. ??? CRATES collect power ups from inside. SPEEDY BOOTS move faster. SONIC RING collect extra power for shock wave. Score more points when mushrooms are shaking. Normal mushrooms 2, 3, 5 points. Gold mushrooms 10, 15, 20 points. KEG KABOOM Still not unlocked. ************************************************************************* Adventure walkthrough ************************************************************************* Coming on next version. ************************************************************************* Credits ************************************************************************* Thanks to me for writing this FAQ (he, he, he *sigh*). Thanks to you for reading it. Thanks to my brother who is actually helping me with the gems and everything to get the secret mini-games. ************************************************************************* Legal stuff ************************************************************************* If you steal this FAQ, sell it or anything that involves a rip off, surely I won't know but you will have to live with your conscience. You can print this FAQ, sure, and if you want to put this in your website or something ask me first. If you have any question of the game, e-mail me, but please don't send me questions that are answered in this document. This document copyright 2000 Alberto MuÒoz Esquivel.</p>