Comic-Con 2011: Shark Night 3D swims into San Diego

shark night

Total Film has landed at the San Diego Comic-Con for another year, and first on our shopping list was an exclusive chat with the cast of Shark Night 3D .

Directed by Snakes On A Plane and Final Destination 2 helmer David R Ellis, the comedy horror offers up shark bait in the form of Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack and Chris Zylka.

They play friends who are on an idyllic summer vacation, and end up coming face-to-razor-fanged-gob with a gang of very hungry sharks.

We chatted to the film’s stars at an exclusive ‘parking lot’ press gathering that included shark-themed cocktails and a bucking shark ride (yes, that’s a waitress riding said shark in the above pic).

Paxton herself is no stranger to murky water-based movies, having previously played a perky mermaid in Emma Roberts dramedy Aquamarine .

Which just leaves us with one very important question – mermaid vs shark, who would win?

“I definitely think the shark would win!” she says. “When we were filming Aquamarine in Australia, they wanted me to get in the water with the tail on, and I said, ‘No way Jose!’ I definitely think the shark in this movie would kick the mermaid’s ass.”

They sound pretty bad-ass. “They had actual shark teeth in their mouths,” reveals Milligan of the film’s mechanical beasties. “They were terrifying. Possibly not as terrifying as a real shark…”

“People were actually getting attacked by the fake sharks,” says Paxton.  “The water moved so suddenly and a mechanical shark would veer off course and a cameraman would be bleeding everywhere.”

Attempting to protect Paxton from the munching nasties are Carmack and Zylka as clothes-phobic beefy hunks (“you don’t have to trim the fat out of this movie,” Carmack jokes).

Did they feel Jaws ’ ghostly presence watching over their every move while shooting Shark Night ? “You wanna make your own product without looking back. We grew up idolising those films,” acknowledges Zylka.

“I think shooting in 3D took the onus off those for us,” adds Carmack. “It’s gonna be scarier than ever. We felt like we were doing something new rather than having to live up to something that’s been done in the past.”

So how do the actors feel about the current 3D trend as a tool for telling stories? “I think it works in some films and not in others,” says Zylka, before adding confidently: “In ours it’s gonna work.”

“We watched it monitored in 3D on set,” reveals Carmack. “The market has been flooded with retromarketed 3D, and we’re sitting there watching the monitors filming in 3D with the glasses on. It is amazing. So you know what’s working and you know what’s not right there on the day.”

Shark Night 3D opens 30 September.


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