Chris Pratt gives a guided tour of Star-Lord’s ship: watch now

Guardians Of The Galaxy might already be steamrollering all before it at the box office, but that doesn’t mean that Marvel has finished with the promotional material just yet…

The studio’s latest release is a detailed tour of Star-Lord’s spaceship, The Milano, as guided by none other than Chris Pratt himself!

Cue a close-up look at the communal area (“I keep it pretty filthy”), the bunks (“this is where the magic happens”) and perhaps best of all, the old-school tape deck with Star-Lord’s Awesome Mix in pride of place.

Take a look at the new video, below…

The Milano is certainly one of the more character-laden spacecraft we’ve seen on the big screen for a few years, with the whole “retro in space” vibe sitting perfectly with the film’s knockabout charm. We want one, basically.

Guardians Of The Galaxy
is in cinemas now, so if you haven’t already seen it, make sure you go and rectify the situation, stat.


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