Cheats from the Crypt

Ever since the first "big heads mode," game developers have been obsessed with creatively distorting or destroying the craniums of their creations. We combed through the crypt to bring you a few of these head-altering cheats, which will blow more minds than a vial full of LSD. Read on, if you dare.

The Codes
Metal of Honor: Frontline, which was widely lauded for its "gut-wrenching realism," contains an oft-overlooked cheat which randomly spawns in-game objects on top of your enemies' heads. Radios, barrels, binoculars, guns – just about anything might be crazy-glued in place of a helmet. And it doesn't just function as a hilarious Third Reich wardrobe malfunction – spotting a Nazi in a trench is no problem when he’s got a train car sticking out of his brain basket.


Above: Radiohead travels through time to perform during WWII

To enable the “Men with Hats” cheat, enter “MERCER” into the cheats menu. We also found another version of the code that requires you to enter “HABRDASHR,” though we only tested the first. Other cheats include:

Longview (also Longshot ) – All guns have sniper scopes
Elastic (also Boing ) – Rubber grenades

Check out one of the MoH: Frontline cheats pages for more:


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