Brutal Legend Bound Serpents guide

You’ve experienced Brutal Legend’s heavy metal homage for yourself, and must now slake your bloodlust for collectibles! Leave it to the deliciously demented mind of Tim Schafer to give us the bondage-themed Bound Serpents. Removing the ball-gags from these bound serpents will give you a pleasantly unwholesome sense of release, and if that’s not enough will earn you gifts from the metal gods. Free 40 of the slithery statues for the Serpent Savior Achievement/Trophy, 80 for Serpent Spanker, and all 120 for the ultimate Serpent Savior award. If you're looking for even more collectibles, check out ourMotor Forge and Solo Tablature Guide.

Here are all120 Bound Serpents on the game’s three continents. Every 10th Serpent you find gives you an upgrade, such as increasing your health or flight speed, so be sure to snag them all before you leave an area. The first 66 are accessible from the start of the game, but you’ll have to unlock the second and third continents to get at the rest of them.We do the work so you don’t have to!