The 10 best PS4 deals available right now

Looking to buy a PS4? We've got you covered with this up-to-date buyer's guide that covers everything from the basic console to the best bundle deals right now. GamesRadar+ has our lists of the best PS4 games out right now and the upcoming PS4 titles that will be released in the near future - in case you need some suggestions on which games to pick up. Check out some of the best PS4 bundle deals available right now and pick up your PS4 console by clicking on any of the links on this page.

The best PS4 deals available right now

The table below is constantly updated with the cheapest PS4 console deals. Keep in mind that this is often just the console on its own so you'll still need to buy some games to play on it.

Best PS4 Bundle deals available right now in the U.S.

Want more than just the basic console and controller package? Check out our pick of the best PS4 bundle deals around this week. You'll get extras like packed in games, additional hard drive space, controllers, and more with these bundles. Get all the details below.

1. 500GB PS4 Slim | Uncharted 4 | $299.99 on Amazon
One of the first ways to get your hands on the upcoming PS4 Slim is to pair it with one of the console’s favorite franchises. The bundle will be up for sale on Sept. 15, but you can nab the pre-order now on Amazon. 

View this deal: Pre-order Sony PS4 Slim with Uncharted 4 for $299.99.

2. 500GB PS4 | Uncharted 4 Limited Edition | $299.99 on Amazon
This snazzy-looking console has been making the rounds for some time, but now seems like as good a deal as you can get for it, particularly if you’re not interested in the Slim option. Get your fill of Nathan Drake on the physical console as well as one your screen, plus a color-coordinated DualShock controller.  

View this deal: Sony PS4 with Uncharted 4 for $299.99.

3. 500GB PS4 | Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and PlayStation Plus | $299.99 on eBay
Especially with the price hike for Sony’s membership program, this is an extra good deal. Pick up the regular PS4, the latest Black Ops adventure, and a year of the online membership all for $300. 

View this deal: Sony PS4 with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and a year of PlayStation Plus for $299.99.

4. 500GB PS4 | Call of Duty Black Ops III and NBA 2K16 | $299.00 at Walmart
If you’ve already stocked up on PSN gift cards, then maybe your $300 is better spent on an additional game. This bundle is the same as the one above, but it adds on a disc copy of NBA 2K16.   

View this deal: Sony PS4 with Call of Duty and NBA 2K16 for $299.

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