Bayonetta director "believes" a sequel is coming. REJOICE!

Has Hideki Kamiya just spilled beans all over the floor? Hopefully, as long as theyre just metaphorical beans

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When asked if there will be a sequel, Kamiya-san simply and enigmanticallyreplied, "I believe so". Obviously how definite a sign of a sequel this is depends entirely on how you imagine his tone of voice when you read that, but in my head he's all arch and knowing, with a raised eyebrow and playful stroke of his beard. So that's confirmed then. Probably out next week.

And a later fan tweet saw him reply, "she'll be back if you believe so". Which sounds slighly more definitive, but also slightly odd. I suspect it means that Bayonetta is like a fairy, and thus gains her strength from our collective belief. Every time a person says they don't believe in Umbra Witches, an Umbra Witch dies. So don't you dare bloody say it.

Come on people, join me. Together we can make this happen.

I do believe in witches.

I do believe in witches.

I do believe in witches...

(But let's just hope Kamiya-san doesn't make her younger with white hair or something. That would be an a disaster without precedent in the entire history of mankind, would make the game instantly terrible, and I'd never, ever get over it)


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