ARGO Online closed beta key giveaway

It’s a good day for a beta. Today, we’re pleased to bring you closed beta keys for ARGO Online. Set in a futuristic world ravaged by war, ARGO forgoes the classic fantasy trappings found in most MMOs. So it’s more about futuristic rifles and hover bikes than longbows and horses.

In addition to selecting from the usual array of tanks, healers, and DPS for your class, you’ll also need to choose a faction. The tech-friendly Noblians stand in one corner, while the nature-loving Floresslah mystics stand in the other. Expect lots of PvP options to play off of the rivalry between these two factions with battles taking place on the field, in dungeons, and through specific modes, like capture the flag.

Above: It’s always nice to see more sci-fi MMOs. We like the steampunk look of ARGO

Above: ARGO Online takes mounts to the next level with transport vehicles and animals that can hold up to ten players at once!

Above: An introduction to the Noblian faction

Above: An introduction to the Floresslah faction

We hope you enjoy the closed beta for ARGO Online. Grab a key, download the client and let us know what you think!

How to get your ARGO Online closed beta key

1. Login to If you’re not already a member, click here to register. It only takes a moment.
2. Head to our ARGO Online closed beta key page to get your code.
3. Make a note of your code and follow the instructions to register for the game and download the client.
4. Enjoy!

Mar 8, 2011


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