Animal Crossing two-minute tidy-up

November 23, 2007

We hadn't touched Animal Crossing: Wild World for the last 11 months, so we thought we'd visit our town to see how everyone was doing. To our dismay, there were weeds everywhere. Feeling some weird need to see our town in order again, we thought we'd see how long it took to pick them all. It was about 35 minutes, non-stop. But a video of that would be boring, so we've condensed it into 2 minutes and set it to the Benny Hill Music! Enjoy.


  • jackthemenace - October 28, 2009 5:10 p.m.

    loved it! thanks GR. also, now i'm really worri touching my AC on the GCN which i ahvent SEEN in about a year, let alone played!
  • bearzyboo - October 6, 2008 4:04 p.m.

    hello would you like to meet on animal crossing? my friend code is 2965 1524 2507 my town name: Redfort my persons name: bear (no caps) what time about 9.00am? please reply
  • John-117 - December 11, 2008 6:45 a.m.

    bearzy, you creep me out in so many ways, and reading your comment possibly took years off of my life.

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