A Princess Peach birthday party

Little Jo may not realize it, but grown men around the world are going to be totally jealous when they see the pictures from her Mario-themed birthday party. The photos come from, a site dedicated to fun crafting projects.

Above: Adorable! We want a princess party, too

Chica and Jo’s love for creative crafting really shines through. Just look at the attention to detail in the photo above. The pair goes through great lengths to explain in detail how to craft just about every Mario-themed item pictured, but they also offer some great suggestions for pre-made party treats, like this Super Mario Bros. favor box or this Question block tin.

Above: You can find a great post by Chica that explains how to create these drawstring bags, which appear to be quite handy (and very pretty) 

Above: These jewels are edible! As expected, there’s a great how-to article on Cica and Jo’s site that walks you through the process

Above: You’ll also find a printable template to make the Goombas and Koopas seen on the wall in the background. So awesome

May 21, 2010

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