24 Hours of Halo 3

"Some said it was crazy. Some said it was impossible. Well, it's probably both, but we're going to attempt it anyway."

With those fateful words, the GamesRadar team embarked on a mission of pure dedication and insanity. One game. Three maps. 24 hours of straight multiplayer action... from 5:00 AM PST on Wednesday, May 16, all the way to 5:00 AM the next day. No sleep. No breaks.

Other websites received their cushy Friends & Family beta codes, enjoyed them over the weekend and then moved on. We, on the other hand, desired the true Halo 3 Beta experience. We knew that many of you were skipping school or work to get your first hands-on time with the game, and we wanted to be in the fanboy trenches with you.

Somehow, we managed to pull the damn thing off. And it was a day none of us - hopefully, you included - will ever forget. Continue reading to relive the best and worst moments of one of the biggest days in gaming history. If you'd rather see the forum in all its original glory, click here. And if you missed out on playing with us Wednesday or Thursday, click here for details on how you can join us for Halo 3 multiplayer this weekend.

Finally, if you'd like to see ALL of our Halo 3 coverage this week, head here. You won't be disappointed, though may be overwhelmed.

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