2 new TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises: watch now

The Dark Knight Rises has released a glut of new promotional material this morning, including seven new images and a pair of brand new TV spots.

Naturally, it's the latter that's got us most excited, containing as they do a few new snippets of footage alongside the usual pyrotechnics we've come to expect from Bane and his reign on terror.

Despite all the doom-laden talk of ending legends, there's a particular focus on the film's sense of humour in these latest clips, with Alfred, Lucius Fox and Catwoman all having a chuckle at the Bat's expense. Gotham may be ashes, but at least there's still time for a laugh.

Take a look at the new spots below…

Exciting stuff, no? In the meantime, there is also a new set of official stills available online, featuring a closer look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt's cop, along with a few more images of Bane, Batman and Catwoman.

The Dark Knight Rises opens in the UK on 20 July 2012. Put those holiday plans firmly on hold...


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