Zoolander 2 set for February 2016 release

To coincide with the appearance of ridiculously good looking model Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and his ally Hansel (Owen Wilson) on the runway at Paris Fashion Week, Paramount Pictures has officially announced the release date for Zoolander 2.

The coiffed duo hit up the catwalk during the Valentino Women’s Collection Fashion Show. While strutting their stuff and showcasing their unwavering sense of style, the studio snapped a shot of the pair and posted it to Twitter - along with the February 12, 2016 date:

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Story details on the long-gestating sequel are still under wraps, however, we expect there will be further style-related shenanigans for Derek and his cohorts.

As for the cast, Stiller is returning as the dimwitted model and will co-write the script along with the film’s director Justin Theroux. Similarly, Wilson will likely be back as Derek's former-nemesis Hansel.

Christine Taylor and Will Ferrell will reprise their roles as Derek’s wife Matilda and fashion guru Mugatu respectively. Penelope Cruz is the newest addition to the cast and is poised to star opposite Stiller; perhaps as his first female rival?

Zoolander 2 will soon begin shooting in Rome for 12 weeks at its famous Cinecitta Studios.

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