ZombiU survivor mode victors celebrated with in-game messages

ZombiU's survival mode makes the first-person Wii U launch title truly about survival. It makes death end the game instead of catapulting you into another survivor--and Ubisoft was kind of worried it might be too hard to actually pull off.

But these are gamers we're talking about here. At least 9 players have already cleared their survival story in undead London since ZombiU's November 18 release. The game's developers heralded their achievements across the game's Dark Souls-style graffiti messages, which appear in various places across network-connected games, as captured by Kotaku.

Ubisoft managing director of French studios Xavier Poix said in a prior interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that survival mode remained unbested until very near the game's release.

"I think it must have been only two or three days before we finished work on the game before anyone made it all the way to the end," Poix said. "In the bug database for Survival mode, someone had reported the funniest bug that I’d ever seen in all my life as a developer, saying that the game is too hard and can’t be finished."

Connor Sheridan

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