Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player manages to get a game of Beyblade running

Tears of the Kingdom Beyblade
(Image credit: Nintendo/versus_shobu)

A crafty Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has successfully built a virtual version of the tabletop spinning-top toy game Beyblade.

In the latest episode of what I consider to be my unofficial series 'Tears of the Kingdom players are very bored', a player going by @versus_shobu on Twitter gets a game of Beyblade up and running in Nintendo's latest epic. Check it out:

The player seems to have found a crater in the ground in Tears of the Kingdom and used it machine together a Beystadium using a large conductive platform that hangs over the arena. Two smaller platforms are attached to the bottom of the overhanging rig, and when struck by the player, are propelled into a rapid spinning movement by the power of electricity. Rocks are fixed to the bottoms of each small platform to make them spin around smoothly when dropped into the arena and clash into each other.

The goal, if we're following the official Beyblade rules, is to knock your opponent's Beyblade out of the ring. Obviously, since Tears of the Kingdom is a strictly single-player game, you can't actually play with anyone else, but that's nothing a little imagination can't sort out - especially with Beyblade's banging theme song playing in the background.

This player is clearly putting the full gamut of Tears of the Kingdom's abilities to full use here, while others are using exploits in the game to break the rules and do cool stuff like fly around on a rocket-powered shield. Hey, whatever keeps you from doing the main quest right?

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