Zealot from WildCATS joins DC's new Birds of Prey title

Zealot Birds of Prey concept art by Leonardo Romero
(Image credit: DC)

Since the initial announcement of Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero's upcoming new Birds of Prey title, Thompson has been unveiling team members on her Twitter. Along with team leader Black Canary, one of the original Birds of Prey, the team includes veteran member Big Barda, and new addition Cass Cain/Batgirl. And perhaps most surprising of all is the team's latest member, Zealot of the WildCATS.

The WildCATS are of course the flagship superhero team of DC's Wildstorm imprint. Since 2011's 'New 52' continuity reboot, characters from WildCATS and the larger Wildstorm Universe have intermingled with the DC Universe at large, with Zealot's WildCATS teammate Grifter consistently appearing since the Wildstorm characters were brought into the DCU.

(Image credit: DC)

The connection between Black Canary, Big Barda, Cass Cain, and Zealot was teased back in 2022's Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special #1, in which Zealot and her rival Angel Breaker, which established that Angel Breaker had previously been trained by - and betrayed - several other heroes, including the new members of the Birds of Prey.

It's unclear how or if the Angel Breaker storyline will play a role in the new Birds of Prey title. That said, one more character is expected to be announced for the roster. Common guesses for the final spot have highlighted Birds of Prey veteran Harley Quinn as a likely candidate, but could Angel Breaker herself take a spot on the team?

Stay tuned to Newsarama for more updates as more Birds of Prey members are announced.

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