Captain Marvel's Kelly Thompson is writing Birds of Prey for DC, hints at a new line-up for the superteam

Character design for Black Canary.
(Image credit: DC Comics)

There's a new Birds of Prey comic on the way and, with it comes an all-new creative team. Writer Kelly Thompson yesterday announced in a tweet that she will be writing the series for DC Comics, which will be drawn by Leonardo Romero, and colored by Jordie Bellaire. The tweet was accompanied by one of Romero's character designs for Birds of Prey mainstay Dinah Laurel Lance - AKA Black Canary

Further details of the new book are currently sparse, though Thompson's tweet revealed that, "Black Canary is building the most dangerous #BirdsOfPrey team yet." 

Perhaps most tantalisingly, Thompson suggested that we will see a brand new line-up for the venerable superteam, writing on her Substack, "You guys know I'm not just going to bring back an exact team that's already existed, right?"

A concept drawing for Black Canary by Leonardo Romero.

(Image credit: DC Comics)

This will be the first dedicated Birds of Prey comic since 2021's Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey, which starred Huntress and Black Canary alongside the Cupid of Crime. 

More recently, a surprising new line-up was introduced in Batman: Urban Legends #14. This featured Lady Shiva, Katana, Miracle Molly and Ghost, without usual team mainstays Black Canary and Huntress. That story ended with hints at further adventures that are, so far, yet to emerge.

This is not the first time that Thompson and Romero have worked together - they previously collaborated on the 2016 run of Hawkeye for Marvel, which followed Kate Bishop in her first solo book. The writer is also due to publish the 50th - and final - issue of her ground-breaking run on Captain Marvel in August.

Birds of Prey will be published by DC Comics in the Fall.

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