Zanzarah: the Hidden Portal Cheats

Zanzarah: the Hidden Portal Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Carrie Job

    Easy Win Against Lana

    Get Daemonex As Your Active Fairy Once You Find Lana Run/Fly Around Lana 10 Times She Will Eventually Fade Away It Also Gives You 1,000,000 Experience Points

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Modify the game shortcut and add the parameter -console.

    Example: E:\Zanzarah\System\zanzarah.exe -console

    During the game, press [F11] to open the console, and type:

    duel victory -> Make your fairy win the current battle.

    item xx -> Give you the item xx. See List below!
    (xx must be between 1 and 73).
    Example: item 1 give you Medium Healing Potion.

    wizform xx -> Give you the fairy xx.
    (xx must be between 1 and 76).

    spell xx -> Give you the spell xx.
    (xx must be between 1 and 119).

    video xxxx -> Play the video xxxx which is one of the subdirectory /resources/videos
    Example: video _v006.bik
    (underscore character may not appear to the screen but you must type it).

    help -> List of all others public commands

    NOTE: You can modify your shortcut with the parameter -duelstart to start the game directly in duel mode.
    Example: E:\Zanzarah\System\zanzarah.exe -duelstart
    Item codes to be used with item cheat above
    0: Small Health
    1: Medium Health
    2: Large Health
    3: Healing Leaf
    4: Fairy Coin
    5: Test Amulet
    6: Crystal
    7: Medicine
    8: Fairy Horn
    9: Amulet of Experience
    10: Clover Leaf
    11: Test Amulet
    12: Reserved Magic Card
    13: Golden Carrot
    14: Reserved Magic Card
    15: Ocean Conch
    16: Pixie Bag
    17: Silver Sphere
    18: Golden Sphere
    19: Crystal Sphere
    20: Garlic Atomizer
    21: Catacomb Key
    22: Heavy Iron Key
    23: Key of the guardian of Pixies
    24: Rufus House Key
    25: Key to Dwarf Factory
    26: Quilin's Staff Of Rule
    27: Key to the Town Hall
    28: Rune of return
    29: Rune of the Fairy Garden
    30: Rune of Tiralin
    31: Run of Dunmore
    32: Rune of Dwarf Tower
    33: Rune of the Cave World
    34: Rune of the Ice World
    35: Rune of the Realm of Clouds
    36: Rune of the Shadow Realm
    37: Rune of the Cottage Rune
    38: Forest Rune II
    39: Swamp Rune II
    40: Mountain Rune II
    41: Cave Rune II
    42: Sky Rune II
    43: Dark Rune II
    44: Fairy Corel of Air
    45: Fairy Corel of Earth
    46: Fairy Corel of Fire
    47: Fairy Corel of Nature
    48: Fairy Corel of PSI Magic
    49: Reserved Magic Card
    50: Reserved Magic Card
    51: Evolutionary Magic of Air
    52: Evolutionary Magic of Fire
    53: Evolutionary Magic of Nature
    54: Elemental Key of Fire
    55: Elemental Key of Air
    56: Elemental Key of Nature
    57: Elemental Key of Earth
    58: Book of Fairies
    59: Fairy Bag
    60: Mana Potion
    61: Molding Magic
    62: Map of the Fairy Garden
    63: Map of the Enchanted Forest
    64: Map of the Mountain World
    65: Map of the Dark Swamp
    66: Map of the Shadow Realm
    67: Map of the Realm Of Clouds
    68: Reserved Magic Card
    69: Reserved Magic Card
    70: Tools of the Dwarfs
    71: Red Bone Key
    72: Green Bone Key
    73: Blue Bone Key