Zack Snyder reveals original Batman v Superman picture of Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman
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Zack Snyder has revealed the original version of the Wonder Woman picture seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

In the movie, Diana Prince is trying to get the picture back from Lex Luthor – and Batman eventually uncovers it. The photo that made it into the final cut depicts the hero during the First World War alongside Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor.

Before the concept for Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman movie was fully formed, Snyder took a placeholder photo to use in Dawn of Justice, and, while speaking to Comic Book Debate, the director showed the image for the first time.

Set during the Crimean War rather than World War One, the picture shows Wonder Woman alongside some fellow warriors, the superhero holding some decapitated heads. A bit gruesome, perhaps, but the spear and cloak do look epic.

Earlier in 2020, during a Vero watch party of Dawn of Justice, Snyder shared some info about the image: “I’d shot a placeholder because when we shot [Dawn of Justice] we hadn’t really finished the concept for Wonder Woman yet… The idea that Batman was looking at an image from an early photographic image... not a painting, but a photograph to prove that it’s the same person, and that the photograph was 100 years old to show that she hadn’t aged. That notion was in the film before we made the Wonder Woman movie.”

He added: “Originally it had been the Crimean War because it was one of the early conflicts where photography was used, and I really wanted to really get the longest stretch possible. I think we originally talked about it being even the Civil War as a possibility, just in our early conversations… And then we reshot it with the real actors, I had Gal [Gadot] in the original photo but it was the Crimean War, so it was like a much different look.”

We’ll next see Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is due for release this March. Until then, check out how to watch DC movies in order for the ultimate movie marathon.

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