Zachary Quinto on the defensive about Star Trek

Zachary Quinto has been talking Trek with SciFiWire and, while most of what he had to say was positive, one of his statements reminded us of the kind of fan damage limitation George Lucas was scattering before Indy 4.

Discussing the fan response, Quinto said: "I feel strongly that we've done really good work as a group, as a cast, as a crew and I don't really feel like any of us can or do concern ourselves with anything other than making the best project that we can possibly make.

"And the response that people have to that is neither in our control nor can it be a concern, because then what are we making it for? The reality is, if we make what we know is in our hearts, then hopefully people will respond to that, and they'll respond to the fact that it was done with integrity and imagination and creative vitality."

Which we're sure is exactly what Trekkies wanted to hear from their new Spock. Head over to SciFiWire for more.

Source: ( SciFiWire )

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