You've never played Halo 3 like THIS

Know what's cooler than pirates? Pirates versus zombies! You don't have to remain on your ship this time, but you might want to stick close to the onboard turrets and Mongeese anyhow. When the undead prowlers begin circling your vessel, hungry for buccaneer brains, you'll be glad of the unlimited firepower. When they've infected your entire crew, you'll be even gladder of the quick escape.

Map: Sandtrap ("Seven Seas" variant)


* One player is a zombie
* Any human killed becomes zombie
* Humans have pistols and swords
* Zombies have shotguns and speed
* Goal: Survive!

Charlie Barratt
I enjoy sunshine, the company of kittens and turning frowns upside down. I am also a fan of sarcasm. Let's be friends!