You've never played Halo 3 like THIS

Sept 28, 2007

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After four days of nonstop fragging, in every mode and on every map, you might think you know Halo 3's multiplayer pretty well. But have you sliced and diced an invisible ninja yet? Have you boarded a pirate ship in pursuit of treasure? Have you fought off an army of swarming zombie sharks?

With the power of custom game editing, you can. This article will introduce you to five totally new and totally bizarre ways to play Halo 3 - with video - and demonstrate how to experience them for yourself. You may never go back to the default menus again...

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Pick a partner and prepare for vehicular Armageddon. Spread across a huge map are constantly shifting territories that you must reach before any other team. The twist? The person that can claim the goals - the VIP - can't drive. His one and only partner must race him to each checkpoint, dodging the rockets of every other two-man squad along the way. The fiery collisions that result are truly a magnificent sight to behold.

Map: Valhalla ("Race" variant) or Sandtrap ("Race" variant)


* Teams of two - one VIP, one driver
* Goal: Reach the territories first
* Every team spawns by a Mongoose
* VIP can't drive
* Driver can't claim territories
* VIP has infinite rockets

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