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Your face-stabbing art could be featured in Assassin's Creed art book

Mystery solved! A few weeks back, the @UbiWorkshop (opens in new tab)twitter accountteased an image of an Egyptian assassin (opens in new tab)in what was obviously concept art for something. And as much as we liked the idea of some sort of Afro Samurai-meets-Assassin’s Creed-styled manga treatment, we didn’t really expect that was it. Today, another piece of art has emerged and the plan and purpose for these “concepts” has been revealed. We were right – it’s not a comic.

What was originally thought (okay, fantasized) to be to be an Assassin's Creed comic book will indeed be paper-based, but a comic it is not. Publisher Ubisoft has announced that it will be releasing a full Assassin's Creed art book, which makes our collector’s edition art pale in comparison.

“You are correct! There is definitely a pattern here, so we’ll quit teasing. We’re pleased to announce that we are working on a very special Assassin’s Creed art book featuring a lot of cool stuff that won’t be disclosed today. Except for one thing: The 'Carte Blanche' section.” -UbiWorkshop

The collection will include work from some well know concept artists such as Craig Mullins, James NG (the artist behind the robo-assassin) and the 123Klan. Tavis Coburn and Gabz (the artist behind the Egypt assassin) are also on board. UbiWorkshop has given these artists completely free reign to design and illustrate anything in their power.

But they want more, and that’s where you come in … maybe. The coolest information about this art book is that UbiWorkshop is looking for submissions by artists/fans from all over the world to be included in the collection. (opens in new tab)to submit your work. Open submissions end August 15. So what are you waiting for? Grab your crayons and get to work.

Jun 28, 2010