You'll soon be able to send PS5 screenshots directly to your phone

Horizon Forbidden West power armor
(Image credit: PlayStation )

PS5 players will soon be able to auto-upload their screenshots and captures to mobile devices.

PlayStation announced via the tweet below that it would be rolling out the brand new feature to certain regions worldwide. Right now, the ability to send captures from your PS5 to your phone should be available in North America, with other regions around the world getting the new feature at some point next month.

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To put it simply, this means PS5 users will no longer be forced to share their captures and screenshots to social media to get said content onto their phones. With this new feature, you'll be able to transfer your captures and screenshots directly to the PlayStation App on your phone, and then download them off the app onto your phone itself.

This is a pretty big deal for those who love sharing their best-possible in-game captures to anywhere outside of social media, like blogs. The sharing through the PS App basically allows for better curation, so you can control which captures go up where on your feeds. Considering the superb-looking Horizon Forbidden West has just debuted this past week on PS5, there couldn't be a better time for this feature to arrive.

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