You can now read the scrapped original script for Spider-Man 2

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Legendary screenwriter David Koepp has provided some lockdown reading for cinephiles everywhere by making a selection of his most famous scripts available to read for free in a new archive (H/T Screen Rant (opens in new tab)).

The real stand-out of the epic collection (which includes Jurassic Park and Mission: Impossible), however, is an unproduced sequel to Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man, titled Amazing Spider-Man. (opens in new tab)’ 

While Spider-Man 2 (opens in new tab) remains one of the best superhero movies (opens in new tab) ever made, Koepp had some very interesting ideas (opens in new tab) for his sequel, which he told Collider (opens in new tab) about just recently. “Basically [my trilogy idea] was the telling of the Gwen Stacey/Harry Osborn story but I spaced everything out differently,” Koepp said. 

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In the scrapped sequel, Gwen Stacy’s father, the local Police Captain, is killed at the hands of Doc Ock in a building collapse. But as Spidey pulls him from the rubble the public gets the wrong impression and our beloved web-slinger is branded a ‘cop killer’ – something, of course, J. Jonah Jameson prints on the front page. 

While Doc Ock played a major part in the sequel that actually got made, Gwen Stacy would only appear very briefly in Spider-Man 3 played by Bryce Dallas Howard. Later, in 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man, Emma Stone's portrayal made her a fan favourite.

It's not often audiences get a look-in at what could have been, especially not in the form of full script drafts riddled with interesting notes. David Koepp has been very cool to share these archives, and we'll certainly be diving into the reading material. See the whole collection here. (opens in new tab)

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