You can now play football in Modern Warfare

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Football has come to Modern Warfare in the form of a new easter egg on the Verdansk Stadium map. 

If you head into the new mode 'Face Off - Verdansk Stadium', which was introduced in the latest Warzone patch notes, you'll notice that a giant football is hidden in the middle of the map. It's not just for decoration though, you can play an actual game of soccer by shooting it into your opponents net. 

Check it out in action down below.

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While it doesn't count towards the scoring of the actual game (turns out paying more attention to the football than the actual players you're meant to be fighting isn't a good idea) a scoreboard on the roof of the stadium does keep track of how many goals are scored throughout a match. 

On top of that, you'll also notice some incredible impressive pyrotechnics when the ball crosses the line, as well as a celebratory notification that you have scored a goal. As Alan Partridge would say: That... was liquid football.  

Can you bros stop shooting, so we can play soccer? The board on top even shows results from r/modernwarfare

Of course, there's plenty going on in Warzone at the moment. For instance, there's a Black Ops Cold War reveal event taking place today, alongside some interesting teases inside the Warzone bunkers. On top of that, there's also the talent player who is currently managing to get gulag kills with his drum kit. Who would have thought that we could be getting beat by a beat in Warzone?  

Still, if you can't wait for FIFA 21, then you can do worse than by getting your football fix in Verdnask right now. 

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