Yoshi's Woolly World lets you cosplay with more than 40 amiibo

The only thing cuter than a fuzzy little Yoshi from Yoshi's Woolly World is a fuzzy little Yoshi cosplaying as its favorite Nintendo character. And you can bring that dream of squeal-provoking adorableness to life simply by tapping Nintendo's massive collection of amiibo characters to the GamePad.

Nintendo already revealed that the plush amiibo made specifically for Yoshi's Woolly World will let you play as Double Yoshi, giving you a new way to traverse levels by slurping up your clone and tossing it to hard-to-reach areas. But those aren't the only amiibo that will work with the game - more than 40 others can be used to give the intrepid reptiles unique (and familiar) patterns.

Unlike Double Yoshi, these changes appear to be purely cosmetic. Don't expect to toss fireballs as Mario-patterned Yoshis, but do expect to sigh lovingly as you see what they look like wearing your amiibo collection.

Yoshi's Woolly World will hit Wii U on June 26 in Europe, though its North American release date is still "fall 2015."

Connor Sheridan

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