Yoshi's Wooly World amiibo look super cuddly, also they let you play Double Yoshi

Nintendo has announced a new kind of amiibo that's just as useful in-game but infinitely more cuddle-able. Yoshi's Woolly World will launch along with three new Yarn Yoshi figures in the fall.

The three figures - one for Green, Pink, and Light Blue Yoshi - are all woolly and squishy. They appear to have a circle on their bottoms where you're meant to set them on the GamePad rather than a big plastic base.

Aside from hugging, the woolly amiibo will also let you play as Double Yoshi in the game. You control both characters at once, letting you slurp up the second Yoshi into an egg, and toss him to new areas.

Nintendo also revealed that Yoshi's Woolly World will feature two modes built for hardcore players and those who prefer to just relax on their Yoshi adventures. "Classic" mode features the kind of challenging platforming you'd expect from Mario's sidekick, while "Mellow" mode gives you control of Winged Yoshi, who can fly around at his leisure.

You can swap between both modes in the middle of play - sounds like a good way to retain that low-key Yoshi charm while making it a bit more appealing to skilled players.

Connor Sheridan

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