Like a Dragon 8 launches in 2024

Yakuza 8
(Image credit: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio)

Like a Dragon 8, the next mainline entry in the Yakuza franchise and direct sequel to Like a Dragon, will launch in 2024.

Earlier today on September 14 at the RGG Summit presentation, the developer unveiled a brand new trailer for Yakuza 8. Dubbed "Like a Dragon 8" for both Japanese and western audiences alike, the game won't be with us until 2024.

The brief new trailer didn't give away a lot about the forthcoming sequel, but at least we know protagonist Ichiban Kasuga is back, along with someone who looks suspiciously like Kiryu Kazuma. Well, the only difference here is that this lookalike has a brand new hairdo.

Whether this actually is or isn't Kiryu Kazuma, we'll have to wait for further details to find out for sure, as well as details on what this new game's official English title will be when it launches.

Of course, this actually isn't the first time we've seen the new Yakuza game. Earlier this year in July, Japanese publication Famitsu revealed off-screen, blurry footage of the new game, in what was meant to be a tour showing off developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio's offices.

At the time, we saw protagonist Ichiban Kasuga returning, sporting a brand new hairdo, along with sidekick Adachi. There admittedly wasn't much to go on in this very brief peak at the new game, but it was nice to finally see the new game, after RGG Studio previously confirmed a new Yakuza was in development near the tail end of 2021.

Elsewhere, RGG Studio just announced Like a Dragon: Ishin for a western release, a full remake of the long-forgotten samurai spin-off game.

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