Yakuza 5 commercials remind us that we’re still waiting for Yakuza 4

While we're waiting for Yakuza 4, Japan is getting ready for the next game in the series, Yakuza: of the End. The Yakuza-versus-Zombie action game just kicked off its TV campaign with these ads.

Above: A new television commercial for Yakuza: of the End

The announcer says, “Zombies! Karaoke! Zombies! Hot springs! Zombies, zombies, zombies! But of course, hostess clubs!†Protagonist Kazuma Kiryu then chimes in asking, “What did he say?â€before the announcer finishes up with one more pitch, and the name of the game.

Above: Another Yakuza: of the End commercial that focuses more on the game’s story

The second commercial is more focused on the game’s story with a bit less flair. The announcer simply babbles on about the beginning of the final fight. It’s mostly typical video game commercial stuff and lacking in the karaoke-and-zombies department.

Yakuza: of the End will be released in Japan on March 17, while Yakuza 4 will get March 15 and March 18 release dates in America and Europe respectively.

Feb 16, 2011